September 29, 2023

Zero Budget Politics

Zero Budget Politics

Have you ever thought about this ” ZERO BUDGET POLITICS”?

In any country politics impact on every individual and society is very high. When politics is matter of public service, then why politics became as a business today??

Today youth percentage in Indian leadership is below 10%. With this, Developed India possibility is very low. If a politician spends lac’s of money to win the election, his immediate action after winning or loosing election is either spoiling his people’s lives or spoiling his own life. Here one more thing is that not only money playing a key role, but also voters mindset.

Let’s think, If voter is ready to choose, do we have young leaders and who is not ready to spend money for election? For all these questions, our answer is “ZERO BUDGET POLITICS”.

Zero budget politics brings true leaders to the government by giving a chance to ignited minds and powerful hearts.

What is Zero Budget Politics?

Zero Budget Politics(ZBP)” – helps our existing and future political leaders to connect to the electorate with their social activities and attitude rather than money and material.

When you connect with people directly, no need to spend money to buy voters and more over satisfaction level will be at peaks.

Check below Connected Indian’s live discussion with P. Madhava Reddy sir(Conceptualizer of ZBP) on Zero Budget Politics to know more

Zero Budget Politics – Connected Indian Live Discussion with P. Madhava Reddy sir