September 29, 2023



By Siddharth D

In his words:

So im here to explain about AGAMOGRAPH.I know many of them are hearing this word for the first time.There is nothing much to say about, but it is unique.

When I heard this Art name, really felt like should attend this class and should learn what exactly this Art is of. As I love to learn by attending workshops which are done in Bangalore, I never want to miss my Art and Craft classes in my summer holidays.

Agamograph is nothing but a drawing or painting, which when viewd from different angles, reveals different images. Here I have done using the terms MUM and DAD….

using 2 papers…then I have cutted it of 1.5cm  then pasted it alternately on the fan fold paper. Now that will be ready and everyone can do that, only thing which is required is Patience.If u have a good patience ,you can do it for sure.

Finally Be Artistic and Creativeee… Thankyou..

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