September 27, 2023

VARANASI- Journey of Lights and Spirituality

By : Kajal Singh

Varanasi, a city also called as Banaras or Kashi.

Kashi which signifies as “shine”

A city that Gleams in the dusky night with the worship lights

at the Ganga western site

which enlightening the planet and flared into the sky.

A city that named as– City of Light.

A city, that known for an innumerable temples,

that crosses every small lane of city,

for daily rituals and prayers.

Historical temple like Kashi Vishwanath,

That sculpt on the name of Lord Shiva

which enshrined with Jyotirlinga.

that enhances the wonder of Kashi city

A city called — City of Temple

A city, that has reverberation of God mantra,

in every prayer of morning and evening

where everyone sings mantra together in sync

that tranquil the souls of humankind with harmonious sound.

A city, where river Ganga flows silently with purity,

That named the Kashi with title Holy City.

A city, know for it’s knowledge and education,

where established Banaras Hindu University,

with motto “Knowledge imparts immortality”.

A city called – Capital of Learning.

A city with miles of Ghats like Ahilya, Kedar, Dashashwanath

where pilgrims take baths with beliefs

that purifies the soul and inside sin.

Take boat rides within the magical time from sunrise to sunset.

A city, that has spiritual vibes

Complement with music, artefacts and cultural life.

A city, that gave birth to the great writers

Ravidas, Kabir, Tulsi who lived in Kashi.

Where the Banarasi Paan, Sarees and Temples are the icons of city.

Begin a journey of spiritual in a city- named Varanasi

You will come alone, but you’ll go along with Healthy mind and altruistic soul.

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