September 29, 2023

Mandala Art by Chithra

Mandala Art by Chithra


By Chithra

The mandala art of radha-krishna describes- Pure love can be felt from the Heart and Soul. The love is the precious jewel which can be afforded by the pure soul.

Love represents freedom which can be Mother’s Love, Friends Love, Siblings Love or anything!

The first thing comes to mind about Love is the ‘Pure essence of Love’  between Radha and Krishna.

RadhaKrishna are the symbol of purity in Love and Affection which represents them as the ‘Two  Bodies and One Soul’ .

In these days,  most of them don’t know the value of true love and affection towards people and take advantage and misuse them in the name of love and spoil their dreams and future.

Radhakrishna are the two souls who reborn again on earth to gain their love which was their love was buried in the past and also faced many difficulties and challenges to fulfill their Love. At last they were separated due to circumstances and difficult times. 

From this we should know that Life is very precious every moment. Enjoy every moment as it comes and do not waste time on hurting other feelings, destroy our fear, jealousy, enmity and judging yourself and others.Because many may have bad pasts where it cannot be expressed by them. And the most important thing is to Love yourself first so that others start loving to back. 

So spread more of Love to everyone as much as possible.


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