September 29, 2023

Mandala art and painting

Mandala art and painting

By Tulika Agrawal

Taking up painting / sketching as hobbies is a way to unleash the Picasso, or the Da Vinci in you. It all started and went on and on. Presenting here my four best painting and craft work.

Coming over to the above, is an acrylic painting of a castle covered with dense and turbulent clouds. It takes us away to the pretty much loved fairy tales.

Here above is a bouque made with materials available at home such as paper, fevicol, straws and likewise.

The above one represents one famous quote by Henry Brooks that ” Friends are born, not made”. Shaping a quote into a mandala with intricate patterns required a lot of patience in my part.This

And here comes the last painting depicting cosmic love story between Radha and Krishna.

Radharani is expansion of Krishna, Krishna is energetic, and Radharani is the energy.

Hope you all enjoyed and liked my artwork.

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