September 29, 2023

Making best out of waste

Making best out of waste

By Anushka Choudhary

Hello I am Anushka Choudhary form Khargone, Madhya Pradesh.These are my handmade crafts and with these totally making best out of waste.

As we see everyone throw waste, but they do not know it harm to our environment. So I make crafts using plastic waste paper, which are environmental.

I use Bottle, newspaper, watercolour, fevicol, things which are generally available at home. Newspaper after resding we sell, but it’s very useful like as I make craft of cage for birds doll and more.

So this type of materials I used in my work it’s very good practice to save environment. Everbody can do this and have to in such a way for our environment. I recycle plastic bottle and newspaper by these beautiful crafts and it’s look awesome. This is useful and these works increases my creativity. I will spend time by doing this kind of craft making.  

Even birds coming to my cages, since those are open and food will be there inside.

This doll is know as good sign to keep at home it’s too expensive  but I make. With paper only.

It’s also plastic bottle and paper craft it’s increase beauty of my home.

That’s all about my few craft works.

Thankyou 😊🙏

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