September 29, 2023

In and Out. Insight view on Corona

In and Out | Insight view on Corona

By Yashika

Educating ourselves about corona virus , COVID-19 which as spread all over our Mother Earth, Indirectly COVID-19 as helped the nature. And made human beings forcefully stay in Quarantine.

> Flourishing flora and fauna liberated life.

> Birds are often used as a metaphor for freedom . In a shift of events, the pandemic has allowed the birds to reclaim the skies while HUMANS  ARE FORCED TO IMPRISON THEMSELVES IN THERE OWN HOMES. Birds and animals are once again free to roam the earth as nature originally intended.

These times come almost like a reminder from nature that the earth belongs to all forms of life.

# Mother Earth finally has time to clear impurities and reclaim its nature’s beauty……

        Don’t you agree …?

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