September 29, 2023

Go Corona Go – Cartoon by Kashyap

Go Corona Go – Cartoon by Kashyap

By B.V.K.S. Kasyap

Idea :-

I am passionate to draw sketches and arts with unique perfection, one day during lockdown I got interested & idea to draw an Marvel hero, later I thought about present situation (Lockdown, Corona spreading, Protection), by combining these situations I decided to draw an art that must be create awareness about corona among the people & in society.

–> In this art I choosen Spiderman character which we know from 90″s,Every marvel fan & Normal people, kids know about his character in cartoon shows and movies.

–>ART Description :- My Art describes the scary & Pandemic situation of world and the conversation between the spiderman & corona, Both conversation is specially mentioned in dialogue box, In past days & Even now we love to read comic books, I represent their conversation in comic representation. Even kids, Adults show interest on art and get inspired.

–> Here the battle is in between spiderman vs Corona vs Humans (Its a creative step I taken with spiderman to create awareness in pandemic situation.

–> Awareness point from art:- From this art there is important awareness point i.e.,Even spiderman is protecting himself by captian America shield and maintaining social distance from corona virus, By this we must know some protective precautions to avoid Corona as follows 1.Do not shake hands, Don’t touch mask by both hands. 2. Wear the mask while moving outside of home. 3.Recycle the mask in safe place, by that stray animals can’t be affected. 4.Do not gather up groups in public places. These are some protective measures we have to follow. 

–>Art Time Span & Highlights:- This art took a time nearly 12 days due to double sketching (By pencil, By Pen) & also it took time for merging different ideas such as safety QUOTE”STAY HOME STAY SAFE”, Challenging Conversation between Spiderman & Corona.

 > At the time of art completion it is the day i.e., “WORLD CARTOONIST DAY” ON MAY-5. I am very happy to complete the art on that day.

–>Conclusion:- Let’s break the chain of corona by maintaining social distance. Here the life is more important than money, Status etc., we must be kind, love, Take care of us, kids, Elders, Pets, Stray animals. Be good& Show humanity on every living being. 

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