September 29, 2023

Canvas Painting

Canvas Painting

By Bhoomika Agarwal

Using acraylic paint is a fun way to get started painting . Firstly I started to learn basic brush strokes to begin filling in canvas and then work on learning more advanced techniques .

I have never looked back, and I kept going forward until I discovered my style and clarified my artistic goals. I have learned a lot about learning to paint — what works and what doesn’t — and I want to share what I have learned.

Inspiration is all around us. I Started  to notice what attracts me and record it as a reference for future paintings. The more I begin to notice the inspiration around me , the sharper I  will get at recognizing it.

There must be many things, and these things tell me  something about what inspires me and holds my interest.

Some artists find inspiration externally and others internally. It’s a personal frame of reference.

I always check out popular design magazines that contain brilliant color schemes and composition ideas created by some of the most talented artists . I Start to look at them with an artist’s eyes.

Take note of display windows, nature, clothing, antiques, music, people in cafes, the sky. … There is no limit. The more we exercise the creativity, the more it will grow and show up for the  art.

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