September 29, 2023

Antique bottle art

Antique bottle art | Best out of waste

By Shirisha N

As ENVIRONMENTAL DAY is very near, so i taught of doing some intresting thing using waste materials.

Materials that are required are gluegun, paints and a bottle of your choice.

By using gluegun make a gudbud thread like lines on the  black bottle randomly, let it dry for a while and after complete dry with a use of sponge apply gold powder on it.

Simple right…Thank you

Hello, I am here to explain about the Antique bottle Craft. Now a day s we are going mad about interior home decorations, instead of buying Antique things to decor your home, its better u make it. The process is very simple, where u can spend your quality of time in Art , which gives you happiness and even saves your money. We all know that we are using lots of glass and plastic bottle which are use and throw. By using this Use and throw bottles, let give it a beautiful shape and reduce some plastic in environment.

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