September 28, 2023

ZERO HUNGER for achieving ZERO POVERTY | Prajwalita Neog

India is a country in South Asia. It is the 2nd most populous country, with 7th largest country by area, and the most populous democracy in the World. According to the 2018 survey, the population of India is 1,35,26 crores making it 2nd populous country followed by China. 

For a country like India which is one of the fastest growing economies in 2020, almost 5.5 % of its total population are under extreme poverty. Each State in India has its own poverty threshold to determine how many people are below its poverty line and to reflects regional economic conditions. 

For a country like India which is right now at developing state, can be developed more efficiently if we are able to accomplish ‘ZERO POVERTY’ as per SDG 2030.

Recently, GLOBAL MULTIDIMENSIONAL INDEX 2020, by United  Nations Development Program and Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, poverty is declining in the country, with close to 44 Indians escaping extreme poverty every minute. Poverty is not uni-dimensional but it is Multidimensional. No doubt that poverty is declining regularly but for achieving ZERO POVERTY BY 2030 is quite difficult also due to the pandemic , Whole World is suffering so as our Country. We need to think out of the box for recovery of our economy and make a stable declining graph of poverty. 

POVERTY IS MEASURED BY 3 DIMENSIONS i.e., (1) Health , (2) Education and (3) Lifestyle or Standard of living.HEALTH, during this pandemic it is quite clear that our country is still under developed in health sector. There is less no.of ICU beds, poor infrastructure, lack of highly effective equipments,etc. Due to which poor section of country is adversely affected. EDUCATION,  many students from poor background can’t afford their further education expenses even after getting good percentage in their Matriculation or High Secondary Examination. Many of them, left their education to earn for their family. This results into low literacy rate.LIFESTYLE, it is indicated by use of electricity, cooking fuel, drinking water, sanitation, housing, assets.

Some people of our country from upper class or upper middle class also enjoy the facilities that are especially provided for BPLs and instead the lower section is deprived from their rights. These things needed to be regulated properly. 

In this COVID or POST-COVID WORLD which again affecting the poorer sections of our country. Here, the Government needs to play a critical role that is by bringing the poorer section into reconsideration so as to maintain the declining trend again, by creating more job vacancies, by providing the studious students some kind of scholarship so that they can continue their study and subsidies are already provided by Government very true, but there is need to regulate the process again. Educational system should focus more on skill based education and QUALITY OF EDUCATION is needed to be maintain. There should be more focus on Agricultural sector for developing Nutritious food habits among the youths.

A Country development is always judged by its % of poverty present in the country, as it is very necessary that each individual should enjoy equal and same facilities.

There is a need to achieve ZERO HUNGER for achieving ZERO POVERTY.

Prajwalita Neog

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