September 29, 2023

THE LOCK DOWN LIFE by Ruprekha Buragohain


All of a sudden the roaring horns of metropolis,

tiny screams of new blooming flowers of the school

efforting to grasp the letters of literature as their first outside activity,

the non-glanceable chatter of many

came to a standstill.

The sudden flare-up of an unseen contagion

escalated in a vigorous manner out of imagination,

engulfing the superior earthlings with an active lava of


gifting pain of demise to one and the other and then innumerable. Attempting to hold the snuffing scale of living life,

the law regulators re-scripted to have a time of lock down and stay inside.

Cutting off the unperformed composition of art piece and undone of every field,

from the little one till the aged of all

is bound to stay inside their walls.

The jerk of ailment caused regular regimes to fade away,

safeguarded by a surprising stroke of clock sway.

The hustles of the forenoon hours,

one starving for the starting meal ,

other portraying mixed feelings of panic and frustration

hunting all around to find something special ,

the noisy horns of the yellow vehicles filled with little voices, got evaporated like a shot of a pallet gun

demanding for the offering of toddler’s fun.

A single tik-tok of the time manager clock

is now a long year in this globe ,

the hectic workplace of some

and loving passions of the remaining ,

are all in the same belt waiting for another grand launching. Families are getting time for themselves,

living appendages are once again procuring own self,

following a string of introspection and

realizing the meaning of holding a life full of love.

Buried artistry woke up,

spreading joy of satisfaction from kid to big.

Dancers are tapping feet with the beats,

melody creators are designing healing notes to treat,

while color gamer’s are constructing monuments of remembrance

to this time of acute pain and stillness.

The nature is healing from the unwanted smell,gaining pristine as before and more consciousness as well.

With prayers of normality to return and peace for the departed souls ,

seeking to rest them in the house of almighty and strength for us to fight this pandemic with unity.

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