September 29, 2023

Never Again

Never again – A Sonnet

By Sowmya Sri Rathnakumar

A poem about missing your special person by Sowmya Sri Rathnakumar.

Once, I was buried in the darkness created by my demons.

Unforeseen, you came to my salvation like a ray of light!!

You held out your hand and pulled me out harder.

Above the darkness and cold, there was light and beauty.

You raised a wall with its roots set deep in to the ground that

made me strong.

I fought the demons with you on my side and I moved forward.

Along the fight, you left me in a blink; without you I was dreadful.

As the demons leapt down to my face, I took incautious steps


Now, I am falling into the darkness faster and deeper: I tried

holding on to the roots of the wall, but none of it was strong


Finally, I got a grasp to the root of hope: I hold onto it for too long

but no sign of you.

The roots of hope slackened and it cut off.

The wall you raised collapsed by heaping the rocks over me.

I crashed hard at the bottom of darkness, where I belonged way


The rocks burdened me was painted with our memories. I couldn’t move; I couldn’t breathe.

I cried for help but no one heard me. I died of suffocation: I never found life in me again.

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