September 29, 2023

INDIA- A Nation of future | Rooprekha Buragohain

Let’s dream for a new nation of development,

A reign of prosperity and improvement.

Paint an India of all literates

Throwing glitters of happiness to the poorest

And a happy hut of own to the vagrants.

Rising jointed hands of religion as a gesture of integrity,

 Reverencing the same to our mother earth

With the offering of green plants affinity. 

Wiping the deepest dirt of poverty with bright tinctures of rainbow colors,

Each as an elector of diligence and knowledgeable power.

Fighting the misogynist with the weapon of goddess kali,

Building a loving nation of gender equality

Escorted by soothing lineaments of tranquility.

Big red cross to the classical system of caste allocation,

Dispensing identical opportunities to shine

For every praiseworthy as a freebie of their dedication.

Embracing the grace of great mountains and valleys

Rich with the touch of blissful sunrise,

 natural smile of flowers and creatures beautifully.

Posterity must witness a new sturdy time of nation pride,

Birth of patriotism in a positively fierce mien

Awarded by a crown of optimistic resolution as a piece from Sian.

The holy feeling of worship should be the way of devotion,

Obliterating all the minuscles of delusion.

Let’s fabricate a green nation of future,

 Crops showing growth of organic wellness and

A divine  instance of production in harmony with the encircling biotic paradise.

Together we have to put breath to our dream nation,

Greeting hours of dawn birds chirping and

Moonlight creating melodies of peaceful slumbering

With null traces of painful murmuring.

That will be our new Bharat,

An astonishing empire of determined people

Having brave hearts of martyrs and minds of modernity,

Adorned by the roots of mother soil with the vision eternity.

— Ruprekha Buragohain


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