September 27, 2023

Have a change | By Anasua Basu

The diurnals are gyrating too quick to slice the mantle,

The fog ripens to blush the heart of a cantle.

The assimilation is not too far,

Everything will slip like the tar.

Wow!! India is developing;

Women are no more resorted to a hegemonies society-

The vagrants are also eligible to become professionals amidst so many

The rockets are also regaining the firm posture;

Vigilance towards the slouched volcanoes is also imposing less caricature.

Farmers are sauntering to stretch their expanse;

Since earning for a smirk never a danger.

Teachers have already swathe the radiant mackintoshes of faith and love-

Securing a noble position like my homely dove.

The travelling was disputed due to lingered efficiencies,

But, now technology has bidden those perils with too many cycles,

Turning into several vehicles.

Envisaging the changes not only lampooning the past.

Although, a reverential desire to excel the last.

A change is really needed, NOT IN OUR DREAMS!!

Developed India Vision is only the prospect to health pierced area.

Planned to cradle the humanities to cuddle their souls,

An ultimatum must be settle down to permit the vagrants,

Without trespassing the fouls.

The farmers must be provided with plentiful of subsidies to sow their fruits more,

Unemployment must not chortle in the empty alleys.

Yes!! A change is crucial.

Establishment of industries and facilities must not droop like this.

The disciples should get their part to be fulfilled by their masters-

Whereabouts on the progressing days must be judged by one and all.

Yes, a change is indeed important for all.

Look at our limpid crevice,

Even they need a change or an amendment.

Our personality also following the same footprints.

Someday you as me or me as someone else.

Alter all to get written on the page of preface;

A journey of change for your motherland by you.

✍️ Anasua Basu.

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