September 29, 2023

Female Foeticide

Female Foeticide

By Sravika

Female foeticide is the termination of a female foetus from the womb of mother through abortion in illegal manner for some assumed cultural reasons.

“Female foeticide is the elimination of girl child after sex determination test from the womb”. 

Girl child is killed before birth just to fulfil the wishes of old members in the family of getting boy baby 1st. All this process gone under familial pressure, especially by husband or in-laws. Generally reason behind abortion becomes unplanned pregnancy. It is age old practice to kill ever unwanted girl child in Indian society.

“People believe that boys are the key to continue their family surname”,

However they do not understand the simplest thing that girls are reasons to give birth to new entity in the world. According to the statistics it is found that male to female sex ratio is 102.4.It shows that number of male per female is increasing regularly.

“Female foeticide was almost started in the early 1990s”

“Daughters are given less respect and priority than sons in Indian society from the ancient time” They did not have same access like boys in the areas of education, healthcare, nutrition, play, etc..

Cultural interventions regarding this issue are need to be addressed through awareness programs like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao or Save Girls campaign. These are for the cause of girl’s rights.

Reasons of female Foeticide:

Following are the reasons of female foeticide in the Indian society:

1. Preferring of male child over girl child because son is the main source of income. Since in their mind, however girls are consumers.

2. There is a misconception in the society that boys are always look after parents, however girls are to left them away.

3. Mainly due to dowry system in India, this is the main reason to avoid girl child by parents.

4. Low status of women in the male dominated Indian society.

5. Technological advancement in the health sector has given fire to the female foeticide.

Effective measures to control:-

As we all know that female foeticide is a crime and social disaster for the future of women.

We should notice the reasons in the Indian society and try to solve one by one on regular basis.  “There should be legal stoppage to get control over it”. All the laws should be strictly followed by the every citizen of India. And one should be surely punished if found guilty for this cruel practice.

“Marketing of medical equipments especially for illegal female foeticide or abortion should be stopped”.

Parents should be penalized who want to kill their girl baby. Campaigns and seminars should be regularly organized to aware young couple. Women should be empowered, so that they can be more attentive to their rights.

Female foeticide is a crime, don’t commit it.

There should be strong ethical code for doctors and there should be immediate complaint registration system for all women.

Female foeticide is a sin, Stop the practice.

It may also occur for other reasons, such as the struggle for food between females. In this case individuals may even kill closely related offspring’s.

Give life a chance, Say no to female foeticide.

The child sex ratio is within the normal natural in all eastern and southern states of India, but significantly higher in certain western and particularly north western states such as Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana.

Female foeticide is disrespect to the female gender; stop the crime.

India passed its first abortion related law, the so called “Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1971” the law also established physicians who can legally provide the procedure and facilities where abortions can be performed, but did not anticipate female foeticide based on technology advances.

Girl and her parents are linked to each stage of her life, such as when she is born, completion of her childhood immunization, her joining school at grade 1, her completing school grades 6, 9 and 12, her marriage past 21.

“Daughters, sister, friend, wife, mother: when you do female foeticide you kill many others” So please stop female foeticide and save girl child.


Non female, No life. Gems may be precious but girls are priceless.

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