September 29, 2023

Covid-19: A challenge to Humanity

The humans are the most intelligent people on the planet earth. Whatever  obstacle came their way they have been able to over come them. The resilience of humanity to survive come what may is the mantra of their many feats in life. That is why they dominant the planet earth. The journey of humans has been very interesting and has seen many ups and downs. They started from living in caves to than on the banks of rivers. Than they continue to progress from one civilization to another and reached a stage where they are thinking of conquering other planets of the universe.

But their spirit to succeed has never let them down.

Now humans has struck with another tragedy named Corona. It’s a virus which is invisible. It started from China. And slowly and slowly spread to the rest of the world. Now it has infected almost all the countries of the world. Unfortunately their is no medicine or vaccination available for it at present. It is very contagious. It spreads very fast. The countries which are called pioneer in scientific research and development has even no answer till. The medical fraternity right across the planet earth is suggesting only precautions, how to avoid it. Rather than encountering this virus. But the scientists all over the world are working day and night to develop a vaccine and than containing it. But unfortunately in spite of such a precarious situation their is no unified effort. Every country is running its own sprint. It would have been much better if a international coordination is arranged. The research work carried out in one country should not be repeated in another. They should avoid the common errors. And proceed further from where one left. Such a united efforts will bring much better results and also much faster. The resources will also be not wasted. Because their will be no duplication of work.

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