September 29, 2023

Your Voice and Language Matters! – Prologue

Hello everyone!!


Human beings as we know it, has been evolving in every aspect since our first birth some 4.5 billion years ago. Our ancestors used their vocal chord to make sounds which later became our distinctive modern day languages. Have you ever wondered about how did they survived without safety homes, languages, numbers or any other significant scientific advancements which make our lives easier today?

We certainly do. But we do not have enough time to do an elaborate study on them. In other words, we chose to read on good sources on the internet and gain knowledge about our ancestors. Gaining knowledge is easy when you have the language to read, isn’t?

Can you believe that all the languages we know today were only spoken for 4 to 5 thousand years which certainly came from one language which we do not know now?

Yes! You read it right. Our ancestors were only speaking their language before they even gave them figures. Later, they gave them shapes of which they saw and they related the object to their shapes of writing. They wrote on clay tablets first. The best example was the 14 tablets of creation that was excavated out from the Egyptian soils two centuries by an well know archaeologist, Henry Rawlinson. They are believed to be the very first writings of the mankind. They are very famously known as the Sumerian Tablets and their writings were called as the Cuneiform.

Fig. 1: Cuneiform inscriptions (Source: Projeda: Knowledge for the new paradigm)

And there we began our journey though our literature, education, science and technology.

Either it’s a statement you make or a little chat with your friends, always remember that your voice and the language matters!

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