September 27, 2023

Your Voice and Language Matters! 2. The Five Originals – Part 2

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Previously we have discussed about the cave paintings, cuneiform writings evolved during Paleolithic Period and Sumerian Civilization. The most important information in history to remember is whenever a second or third or any number of new civilization arise, it doesn’t mean that the first one came to an end. Sumerian civilization is a very first unique civilization which will never be an exception to that. Sumerians had their influence in all over major civilizations and even today despite the fact that their origin is still unknown.

Today, we are here to explore on how language and writing established during the second major civilization.

Egyptian Civilization (3100 B.C.E. to 332 B.C.E.):

The very longest and strongest civilization mankind has ever seen. Very famous for its ruler, King, Alexander The Great. The civilization was started around 3100 B.C.E., in modern day Sudan, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Palestine and it lasted for 30 centuries long. Egyptian civilization brought up major changes on languages, which was the starting era for all the languages and its literature we have today. Egyptian civilization started with had 121 bi-literals are two individual symbols used to express two sounds, 75 tri-literals are three individual symbols to express three sounds and numerous phonetic components which are mono-literals to provide clarity and to make a complete meaning for any word in their language.

Fig. 1: Hieroglyphs at Kom Ombo, Egypt (New York State Archives)

Egyptians advanced their writing from hieroglyphs to new language named, Demotic scripts. this language become their official language to write most of their business, legal, scientific, literary and religious documents. They wrote words from right to left similar to our modern Arabic language. Anyone of us would have come across this language, if we have watched a Hollywood box office hit movie released in 1999, The Mummy. If you remember correctly the movie, there will be an lead lady archaeologist character, Evelyn (I guess) who will read the book of dead out of curiosity, eventually awakening the dead who craves vengeance on humanity. That book of dead was written in Demotic script.

Fig. 2: A page from ‘Book of the Dead’ (Source: Field Museum of Natural History)

Egyptian hieroglyphs has faced major changes until it reached a single language, Ancient Coptic. This language was framed by Egyptians in the time period of 200 B.C., using mostly of Greek alphabets and sit to seven demotic scrips. Ancient Coptic language is still spoken across Egypt as fluent as their national mother tongue, Arabic.

Fig. 3: Coptic script (Source: Kiddle)

FYI: B.C.E. – Before Common Era or Before Current Era

B.C. – Before Christ

There’s a lots of history to our mankind, isn’t?

This section has a history of 30 centuries, foreshortened exclusively for my readers.

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