September 28, 2023

Hey, My Red Valentine!

My father always said, ‘Never complicate your life.’ But I did exactly what he asked me not to!
I fell in love with someone who I can never be with. He lives too far away to have a long distance relationship. Damn! The distance between us kills me every time I think about it. A 120 million kilometres! Too far to be together, isn’t?
Many of you should have guessed my valentine by now. Yes! The fourth planet from the sun and second shortest planet in the solar system. The red planet, Mars.
The red surface of Mars got my attention when I was 13. I crushed on him among the stars since then. I had to wait until I had internet to read about him.
But why is he all red?
It’s because of the iron oxide (rust) dust prevailing on his surface giving him a typical red look which makes easier for us to spot him among the stars.
I always wondered who saw him first?
Though he was very popular for more that four thousand years among our ancestors because of his red looks, Galileo Galilei in 1610 observed Mars through his telescope.
Who chose his name?
Mars was named after the roman god of war.
If you hear anyone say that they do not have time which may take an hour to do an task , ask them to relocate to mars. They will get an extra time of 39 minutes, where they can finish the work and can talk a walk. Yes! The day night cycle on mars is 24 hours and 39 minutes.
I came across a meme a few days ago which went Viral. It said, ‘If you are 60 kg on Earth, you are just 24.59 kg on Mars! Don’t be sad for being overweight. You were on the wrong planet.’
Its true because of the surface gravity. The surface gravity on Mars is only 38% of the surface gravity on Earth.
Do you still think that Mount Everest is the largest mountain, Mauna Loa the largest volcano and Grand Canyon the largest canyon in the solar system?
Olympus Mons on mars is the largest volcano and the highest known mountain in any planet in our solar system and Valles Marineris is the largest canyon one of the largest canyon in our solar system.
Mars has two moons namely, Phobos and Deimos.
These are some interesting facts on Mars.

Cover Image Source: Wallpaper Cave

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