September 27, 2023

World After 21st Century | Conclusion – Artificial Intelligence


By: Jayashree Gokulakrishnan

Fig: Upcoming Industry 4.0

Now fourth industry revolution is building on the third. But Jayashree thought about and after 21st century. Let’s read her view’ now!


“Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended”

Here, I am going to express my vision for future world after 21st century and will be sharing the real facts about future world along with some extent of imagination. Nothing is impossible for humans. I have chosen five major fields which burgeons a nation’s growth. Those fields are science & technology, Economics, Politics, Health sector and trade & International relations. To make this essay little bit fascinating, I would like to share about ‘Vision India 2020’.

Science and technology

Humanoids(robots which looks like humans) had made a greater impact. Even people started to use it for domestic purpose. It became humans’ best friend. Gynoids(Female robots) used for consoling a man artificially and to make him stress-free. Holograms were ruling everywhere to share personal data. Molecular fabricator was invented. It constructs things which we wished if we are a master in string theory(10 dimensions). Some Nano sensors were fixed in every nook & corner to control violence and sexual harassment. We can also prevent accidents by fixing Nano sensors in automobiles.

The number of successful spacecrafts were increased. Some people live in Jupiter and Mars. Saturn is for xenomorphs(aliens). We even conduct intergalactic space games. Unidentified flying objects(UFO) replaced other automobiles. In 2020, India focused on Quantum applications. We have developed a lot in Quantum computing. We are one of the leading countries in the field of science & Technology.


The first thing which strikes our mind while speaking aboutpolitics is leaders. Youngsters became leaders of our world. “Old is gold”. So the advisors are experienced leaders. Some strict laws which helps in controlling crimes were amended.

Educational qualification is not needed for political leaders but they must qualify an entrance exam and an interview which will test their patience and wisdom. People of India and other countries’ citizens became domestic advisors and shares their opinions for the welfare of our world.

Health sector

WHO and ILO(International labour organization) has played a major role in uplifting our world’s health sector. ILO focuses on preventing occupational accidents and diseases while WHO focuses on distributing money to promote health sector of every nation and for daily wage workers, a common helpline number which contains regional languages is provided to share their problems at workplace. Posters about health & safety were displayed in offices. Frequent surveys and awareness campaigns were conducted even in rural areas. I can’t resist myself sharing about the impact of COVID-19. We lost many precious lives. People’s health was miserable. Domestic violence was increased and people were stressed because of lock-down.

But all came to an end in January 2021. Scientists found the vaccine which will target the spike proteins in our body which was a host to the virus and the vaccine delivers the drug to the specific target. Buses are lit up with UVC light and UVC based robots cleans hospitals floors and disinfects money in banks. Corona virus is not new, Similar pandemic outbreak happened earlier. WHO’S 5 trillion dollars not helped much. The virus is not completely destroyed but we have the vaccine which completely prevents it.

World Economy

SARS-COVID-19 affected world’s economy, trade, commerce and many other fields. But the new world was far away from all those impacts. India’s GDP percentage for health, science, education and all other was decreased. We have a standard metric to analyze productivity of nations like purchasing power parity(PPP). India became a lead to other countries. Investment rates were increased by integration of global economy. Employment rate was achieved to 92% and many national schemes which supports workers and needy people were introduced.

Trade and International relations

International relations between countries became more vigorous. International disputes were reduced as half of the population started to live in Mars and Jupiter. Population explosion crisis came to an end. India became the fourth largest exporter and nineteenth largest importer. The melting of Ice-glaciers reduced and ozone hole was decreased to very smaller size. Wars came to an end. People started to respect every religion. Humanity came to power. Intergalactic relations and International relations have played a vital role in solving all interplanetary and international disputes respectively.


Obviously, India became a developed country. People thrives to achieve more and more. In this essay, I shared mostly about future world and have given some specific importance to future India because India became the lead to other countries in language, Science and International relations. Everything is possible when we live with Integrity. Goddess Lakshmi’s one hand showers gold coins and the other hand which has lotus flower brings peace and purity. We should have a strong admiration for both hands. Let us hope for a better world.

Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is the top of Mount Everest or the top of your career.

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