September 29, 2023
Anti Corruption Campaign

Anti-Corruption Campaign – 5th Pillar | Connected Indian

Hello ! everyone. We @connectedindian team in collaboration with 5TH PILLAR ORGANIZATION, campaigned awareness session regarding the burning topic of our Nation i.e., ” Corruption “, to achieve our vision 2026 – DEVELOPED INDIA.

We all know that directly or indirectly, how ” Corruption ” is killing our economy since time immemorial. Many of students, didn’t faced this problem as we are school/college/University going students or also may be we are not much involved in official works, as that works are usually carried out by our elders or parents.

But whoever facing challenges with corruption, there is a weapon for all of us called “ZERO RUPEE NOTE”. 5th Pillar organization located in Chennai conceptualized it.

Zero Rupee Note

An unique weapon meant for fighting corruption in a “non-violent ” manner. ZERO RUPEES NOTE are for people to use whenever someone asks for bribes.

The main point is, why we are writing this article?

It’s just that, many of us (including me ) was not aware of the existence of ‘ 5TH PILLAR ‘ NGO, as these campaigns are not carried out in our state, Assam. So, people facing problems with corruption, don’t know where to complain or from whom to seek help ?

On 30th August, we Connected Indian had an online session with 5th Pillar founder Mr. Vijay Anand.

The agenda of the meeting was, how RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT(RTI) and ZERO RUPEE NOTE works to break the corruption chain. Since Developed India 2026 is the vision of Connected Indian, ending corruption is also a key frame in it.

We are very glad to Vijay Anand sir for excellent delivery of the message how to end the corruption using RTI and a Zero Rupee Note.

The session will explain how to file RTI, Do’s and Don’ts of it. Which kind of information we can get, what are the restricted area’s. How a RTI petition processed, due dates, penalties and fee’s. Please watch till end, where Q&A will be very interesting with common issues we are facing every day and how to come out of them.

We Connected Indian and 5th Pillar will be working together going forward. As we are receiving 500 Zero Rupee Notes, those will be distributed in certain parts of India with awareness.

Any queries related to RTI and Zero Rupee Note, write to Mr. Vijay Anand at and you can Visit for more details too.

If you want a Zero Rupee Note in any part of India and virtual awareness to use it and RTI, reach Connected Indian at or whats app us at +91 9945705365.

— Prajwalita Neog

Result of the campaign

Watch online campaign video here now

Anti-Corruption Online campaign in Association with 5th Pillar.
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