September 28, 2023

Industries are Harming Agriculture and People | By Preety Padhiyar

India is a developing Country and for this development industrial sector  contributes the most. Many of the industries are located near by villages and  most of them are based on chemical industries. These industries provide  employment to villagers and also contributes little for the development of  villages. 

The thing is that where village exists, agriculture also exists. Agriculture also  happening side by side on same land where industries are located. When you  travel (especially in Gujarat) where industries are located near by village,you will  have a problem of breathing and even suffocating and irritating smell will come  which you cannot even imagine. Imagine the condition of the people who are  living there. They are still facing health related issues which no one bothered about it.

The chemical waste which is produced by these industries are disposed in Rivers  and Soil which causes water and soil pollution. So, there is reduction in food crop  yield and indirectly agriculture is affected and these chemicals are also consumed  by food crops and then it reaches to our home and indirectly we consume it.

So, Agriculture and People are affected.

Solution for this Problem: 

  1. Chemical Industries should be located in Non-Agriculture Land and there  should be no villages found. 
  2. These industries can provide transport facilities to workers who comes from far away places.
  3. In villages,Non-Polluting industries should be implemented such as  Agarbatti industry, cotton industry, food industry,etc . So,that villagers are not Jobless.

Now, Development of Our Country is in right direction causing no harm to  anybody.

As a Youth of India,we can create awareness among Government officials and  people of our country to implement this solution for this problem.

— Preety Padhiyar

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