September 28, 2023
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India – A Developed Country | By Samyukha M

PC: Photo by Varun Tandon on Unsplash

         INDIA  is just not a word ,it’s an emotion for all of us.We keep on hearing that INDIA is a developing country,but when does this assumption stops and it comes true?

A.P.J ABDUL KALAM sir have said us to fix the year of  2020 for INDIA to become a Developed nation.His famous words were “Dream is something that doesn’t comes when you sleep,it’s actually the one which doesn’t let you sleep”.He also enclosed that students are the future pillars of our county. The famous person Swami Vivekananda says”Arise,Awake and stop not till your goal is reached”.

              Yes,he was true. Its been proved by so many innovations , and smart work by proper planning,executing and completion of long number of works.INDIA our nation is a very proud for it’s diversity. Its is of variety of culture, language, tradition, skin tone . It is important to note that every culture has its own rituals , rules and a scientific knowledge.

              Since INDIA as not other countries , has so many variety of knowledge from various culture. It definitely helps in becoming INDIA a developed nation. We the INDIAN’S are very much know for Unity in Diversity.

                Having a unity upon diversity helps us to develop,as we share the thoughts of which our own culture taught us.Upon this we come to gain too many information and help is developing ourselves ,which in turn develops our country.

Few examples that OUR COUNTRY INDIA to be a DEVELOPED COUNTRY are listed.

‌1.Some parts like space technology and the IT sector are already cutting edge, increasingly competing at the same level as their western counterparts.

‌2.Parts of society are well educated and prosperous: Some parts of the Indian society already have achieved a good level of education and prosperity. They usually mingle among themselves and have the tendency to overlook the hardships of inland migrants from other states, low income families or the still existing discrimination going on related to caste.

‌3.No means for comparison: If someone only lived in India and has never seen another country, then it is hard to imagine that India is a developing country rather than a developed nation. We have big malls, metros, great highways, large corporations, etc. 

All these are the representation of a developed country. Since our country INDIA shows all these characteristics we could surely believe it to be a DEVELOPED COUNTRY.

__ Samyuktha M

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