September 29, 2023
By Prajwalita Neog

Kati Bihu

Science behind – KATI BIHU | By Prajwalita Neog

Bihu is the main festival of assam

KATI BIHU’ is celebrated in mid-October, earthen lamp(Saki) are lit at  the foot of household Tulsi plant, the granary(bari) and paddy fields in the evening time.TRADITIONALLY, its celebration is associated with worship of the crops and plants and protect it from the evil eyes.SCIENCE BEHIND IS, “Saki” are lightened in the rice fields in the evening time for 1 hour for about 30 days , it is done to protect the crops from the harmful insects as in this time, the crop is in active growing stage. The harmful insects are attracted to the light coming and fall off in the oil present. Its lightened only for about 1 hour in the evening time because after 1 hour the beneficial insects may also come following the harmful one.

MOTTO : To protect crop from infestation in its active growing stage and allow the crop to grow healthy and leads to more production at the end of the season.

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