December 11, 2023
Stop Acid Attacks

Stop Acid Attacks – Chhanv Foundation and Sheroes

On 6th September 2020, We connected Indian raised Stop Acid Attack awareness campaign in association with Chhanv Foundation. Sheroes Ritu Saini, Pramodini Roul and Nepal first acid attack victim Bindabasini Kansakar also joined this campaign to share their story, stuggles and how they self-motivated at every point.

We are very glad to meet sheroes and Ashish Sukhla for your valuable time spared with us for a positive change in the society and Sirsha especially for coordinating to schedule this session.

She wing of Connected Indian interacted much in this session with Sheroes. Ashish Sukhla clearly explained about Chhanv foundation, how they started and where they are today. Bindabasini Kansakar joined us as surprise and after listening her story we every one felf very bad of her justice delayed. From 2013 to till today she is struggling for the compensation. On 10th September Bindabasini and other acid attack victims met Prime Minister of Nepal. As per the conversation we had recently with her, Nepal government going to implement stringent laws to stop acid attacks. We hope for the best and will always support to stop acid attacks.

An acid attack is one of the most heinous crimes to humanity. The physical and emotional pain it brings along is beyond anyone’s imagination.
Justice is what every acid attack victim desires after the monster throws acid on their body as well as on their dreams!
It’s high time that we raise our voice to bring a stop to acid attacks.

Here is the campaign video.

Write to Chhanv foundation at for any queries related to acid attacks.

We look forward each and every one of your contribution for Zero Acid Attack culture in the society soon.

— Connected Indian