September 29, 2023

Village Crafts – Using Newspaper

Village Craft – Using News Paper

By Punyatirtha Sahoo

Here I’m trying to depict the essence of the villages of India.

“Our villages are our pride”

60% of the population still lives in villages of India. Indian villages have a very beautiful & attractive lifestyle.  The villages are free from hustle & bustle of a city life, villages are peaceful, calm, quiet & full of greenery where one can feel the Nature.

Children playing with wheel is one those so many beauties of the villages.

In this craft some of that beauties are there , a bullock cart ( the logo of every village) , a wheel ( love of the village ) ,  a women with wood logs ( pride of village ), a cottage ( spirit of the village )… and with all these that infinite love for the smell of sand after rain, that amazing sunrise & sunset, sounds of animals & birds, blessings from the elders and the list will the never end.

“The soul of India lives in its villages.”

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