September 29, 2023

About us

Connected Indian is an online platform of SAGARVA BHARATH FOUNDATION(A Non-Profit Organization) paves a way for all Indians across the globe to unite as one. We explore skills, experiences and views for Developed India Vision. Every one’s vision showcased here and shared with our nation.

Our Mission

Turning interest into action

‘Unity in Diversity’. Though, we have diversities we are united by one nation, India.

We are Indians. Connected Indian has taken the first and foremost step to regain the unity among us.

In our journey, we are looking for involvement and contributions mainly from students who are budding agriculturalist, artists, writers, poets, scientists and every single citizen of our nation whoever passionate about sharing and exploring idea’s in every aspect of agriculture, arts, crafts, culture, tradition, literature, Politics, education and technology.

Any great personal in any of the above-mentioned fields finds our mission interesting, are welcome to make your contributions. So that our younger generation can learn and thrive.

Our Vision

Now or never! Our vision is to make India as a developed nation



Let’s put our hands together to begin our journey today!

Join your hands now!

Top Contributions

Abhinaya Madhavan Akshata Ashok Jadhav Anshika Agrawal Artificial Intelligence B.V.K.S Kasyap Best out of waste Bharathiyar CIvilizations Clay Art works Cotton cultivation Covid-19 Developed India Gaurav Lahon Handmade craft Harsh Dev Icon of the month Jayashree Gokulakrishnan Kajal Singh Keshav Jha Lifestyle Mandala art My village Natarajar Paint Poem Portrait art Prajwalita Neog Punyatirtha Sahoo Ramprakash Saminathan Ruprekha Buragohain Samyuktha M Science Science behind Indian festivals Shobana M Shweta Ullala Sowmya Sri Rathnakumar Subhojit Panda Tamil culture Tanjore art The moon Zero Budget Politics ఆరంభం ఆశయగీతాలు కాత్యయని అనువాదం చంద్రగిరి శిఖరం కోతి కొమ్మచ్చి